All-Inclusive Resort Vacations + Celebrations

All-Inclusive Resort Vacations + Celebrations

We help you cut through the sales chatter and find the best resort that's right for you.

As an award-winning travel agency, we craft truly customized travel plans for fun-loving, sun-seeking, ready-to-party couples, families, and groups. 

You have the dream and you’re psyched about the prospect of visiting a sandy, sunny paradise where you can relax and be catered to. 

But you’re not sure where to start…

How do you make sure you’re picking the right resort? The right vacation package? The right room type? The best excursions? 

What if you plan too much and wear yourself? Too little and get bored?

Worst of all: What if you do all this planning work…and you hate it?

The           vacations are ones with your loved ones by your side and everything you need at your fingertips.


Don’t hyperventilate just yet…

AYBT is exclusively for people who are…

good humans with busy jobs and not enough time

wanting to craft a fun + safe travel experience for their family and friends

in need of someone equipped with extensive experience in planning, organization, and trusted vendor relationships

Sound like you? You’re just our type. 


Hi, I’m Ashley – Your Personal
All Inclusive Resort Guru and Founder of Alpaca Your Bags Travel

Since 2015, I’ve planned hundreds of all-inclusive resort vacations and celebrations. I run a company with a silly name, but I take my role very seriously. 

My job isn’t to push you toward a particular resort; it’s to use my expertise to make sure you find the right one for YOU. 

I’m not associated with a specific resort or brand, so my recommendations come from years of personal experience with locations and pairing you with the destination wedding resort that best fits your needs.

After we make your match, we’ll wrangle all the details for you – booking your arrangements, making sure you get all of the perks available, ensuring you know exactly what to expect, and answering all your last-minute questions. 

and we have the awesome client testimonials to prove it.

You see, we’ve been there, done that 


Why should I use a travel agent for my vacation or destination celebration?

You’re tired of wasting time.

You need someone to save you from the endless rabbit hole of researching a vacation. You’re ready for an expert who has already been trained in your destination, so you can cut through the junk and get exactly what you want. 

Here are a few of the reasons we see most often…

You need expert help with the fine print.

A skilled travel agent knows the right questions to ask. They can help you make sure you’re not signing up for an overly attractive bad “deal.”

You don’t want to risk buyer’s remorse.  

Travel agents have endless resources at their fingertips to answer any question you might have. Trust me, we’ve heard it all. Agents network and share resources. If we don’t know an answer, we will find someone who does so you go into your booking fully informed. 


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: those so-called “no-fee” services.

You’ve probably seen a few of these big-box booking services. Their agents default to the same old resorts, and they’re responsible for serving A LOT of people - that means, sometimes 70-100 couples at a time! Phew. 

Sure, they’re "free" but, remember, you always get what you pay for. 

Why the fee?

We’re not for everyone…and we like it that way.

We are a boutique agency, accepting only a limited number of couples each year so that we can continue to provide the kind of extremely hands-on service we’re known for. 

Unlike our “no fee” counterparts, we’re here to answer questions and do our best to honor special requests. We’ll work closely with you, providing you with the kind of honest advice and “big sister” guidance you get from someone who truly cares. 

It's an entirely different experience – and, according to our couples, worth every penny. 



We           do:


minimally-trained agents

same-old tired resort pushing

“cheapest resort possible” bookings

disrespect of our
in-destination partners

Traveling - by its very nature - can sometimes come with the unexpected, but we’ve mastered the secret to managing travel stress: preparation.  

We plan experiences that are minimal-stress – every step of the way – by ensuring you know exactly what to expect. All you have to do is dream your dream, make your choices, and enjoy the ride. 

Travel Stress


From consultation to celebration,

we have your back.

What To Expect

The Alpaca Process




If you feel overwhelmed by all the to-dos right now, help is on the way. 




Vacations are NOT one size fits all. In this FUN part of the process, we’ll first guide you to the right resort – one that knows how to take care of you (because not all do).  Then, we’ll help you pick the right package, coordinate all your travel, and take care of any extras too—so you don’t have to play travel agent when you should be picking out your easy-breezy vacation attire.



Our job is to bring your travel vision to life, and we take our job very seriously. We plan all the travel components for your vacation from beginning to end. That means we’ll handle all communication and negotiate with the resorts for contracts, deadlines, special requests, etc. 



No matter what hiccups may come - and hiccups are an inherent part of travel – you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

All that’s left to do is relax, remain present, and enjoy the experience.

"The end result was a first-rate luxury experience with no hassle and small worry."

I wanted to provide a great experience for my wife to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Ashley helped us navigate through the myriad of choices to determine what type of travel best suited us, and yet fit our financial boundaries. After our final selection, she took care of everything. Our airfare, ground transport, all-inclusive, and excursions were taken care of in advance and communicated to us. Ashley even took care to provide us with additional tips for travel to the region and resort we chose. The end result was a first-rate luxury experience with no hassle and small worry.”

– James & Christy
Anniversary Trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico

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