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Cut Through The Red Tape
(And All The Stress)

As an award-winning travel agency trusted by modern, fun-loving couples, we handle the details that turn your paradise wedding dreams into a reality.

We get it. Destination weddings have such a unique allure to them (we’re huge fans, obvi!) It’s a multi-day celebration where you can spend more time with the people you love most AND keep your guest list smaller (without any of the guilt!) 

But now you’re feeling stuck trying to figure out how to make that dream into a reality. 

But you’ve realized you’re no longer just responsible for just having a good time yourself. You have to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for 50-60 people you love - the kind of experience they won't mind shelling out their own $$ for.

Eep. It’s enough to cause mid-brunch panic attacks. 

There’s so much more involved with a destination wedding than simple trip planning and you’re feeling in over your head – especially with friends & family coming at you with questions from every direction… but help is on the way.

Sure, you’re a well-seasoned traveler. 

You've been on vacations with your parents or even planned some trips on your own – and you’ve never needed a travel agent before.


If planning a wedding is hard (and it is! )  planning a destination celebration is off the flippin’ charts. 

The truth

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But why do I need to use a travel agent for my destination wedding?

We get it. Technically, you can find a resort and book your wedding dates on your own. But planning a destination wedding isn’t like taking any old trip.  And Alpaca Your Bags Travel isn't like any old travel agency.

Adding an experienced travel agent to your team means having an expert to:

Prep and manage all of the unexpected travel “what ifs?” for your AND your guests

Negotiate all the perks and amenities you may not have even known were possible (and things are better when they're free!)

Utilize their connections with the BEST resorts and destinations (connections honed over nearly a decade in the industry)

Handle the nitty-gritty and tedious details of travel planning, as well as all guest communication

Provide a personalized - not commercialized - travel experience where we treat your guests like our own friends and family

"Our guests worked directly with Ashley on travel booking, which took the stress away from us."

She kept us organized with a spreadsheet that listed all of our guests, their travel information, their hotel stay information, travel insurance information, etc., etc. All of our guests worked directly with Ashley on travel bookings, which took a lot of stress away from us. I cannot recommend hiring a travel coordinator, and hiring Ashley enough!

– Amy O. 

Think of us as your uber-organized BFF who will plan AND give you expert help for surviving all the travel craziness that comes with having a wedding elsewhere. 

People say we’re fun, friendly, and more than a little quirky – but we know how to get the job done. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, stress-free experience where you KNOW you and your guests are being well taken care of. 

We give you peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy the experience of celebrating in paradise.

To do that, let's get started with a complimentary planning call. Let's dish about your dreams, your unique-to-you style and the kind of memories you want to make with your guests.


“I could not imagine what it would have been like – regarding all of the questions our guests had – if my husband and I hadn't hired AYBT."

They reached out to Ashley directly, and most of the time we didn't even know they were communicating with her, but I know she was extremely helpful with our friends and family - not only with booking their stays, flights, and transportation - but also with helping with passport situations, last minute cancellations, and so much more.

– Caitlyn T. 

Our 4 Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations

Mexico | Dominican Republic Jamaica | Caribbean 

We consider ourselves experts in these all-inclusive resort locations as well as many others. Book your call and we’ll talk about where you’re looking to travel!


We’re not for everyone…and we like it that way.

We are a boutique agency, accepting only a limited number of couples each year so that we can continue to provide the kind of extremely hands-on service we’re known for. 

Unlike our “no fee” counterparts, we’re here to answer questions and do our best to honor special requests. We're not the cheapest choice and we don't plan the cheapest destination weddings. We also don't churn through clients. We’ll work closely with you, providing you with the kind of honest advice and “big sister” guidance you get from someone who truly cares. 

It's an entirely different experience – and, according to our couples, worth every penny. 



We           do:


minimally-trained agents

same-old tired resort pushing

“cheapest resort possible” bookings

disrespect of our
in-destination partners

The Complete Destination Wedding Checklist

AYBT is exclusively for couples who are…

good humans with busy jobs and not enough time to plan the wedding they deserve

planning a destination celebration with a rough idea of their vision for it

wanting to craft a fun + safe travel experience for their family and friends; but don't want to crowdsource it from the internet

in need of someone equipped with extensive experience in planning, organization, and trusted vendor relationships

looking forward to quality time with family and friends, not just a one-day, aesthetic event

Sound like you?You’re just our type. 


Traveling - by its very nature - can sometimes come with the unexpected, but we’ve mastered the secret to managing travel stress: preparation.  

We plan experiences that are minimal-stress – every step of the way – by ensuring you know exactly what to expect. All you have to do is dream your dream, make your choices, and enjoy the ride. 

Travel Stress


From consultation to celebration,

we have your back.

What To Expect

The Alpaca Process




If you feel like a ball of stress and anxiety right now, help is on the way. 

During your free, no-pressure phone call, we’ll take you by the hand and lead you through the entire process. When you leave the call, you just might discover your jaw has finally unclenched.  




Destination weddings are NOT one size fits all. In this FUN part of the process, we’ll use our experience and expertise to determine the country, region, and resort/venue that suits your wants and desires. 

We have detailed information on MANY resorts and destinations, and if we don’t have it, we can get the most up-to-date, accurate info (and fast!), so that you make the right decision for you. 



By this point, we’ve taken your general vision of “whens” and “wheres” and figured out the specifics. Now we’re going to single-handedly tackle the “how” for you. 

We’ll handle all communication and negotiation with the venue for contracts, deadlines, special requests, etc. Then we’ll build your project management board – where we keep track of all big and small to-dos going forward.



Our job is to bring your travel vision to life, and we take our job very seriously. No matter what hiccups may come - and hiccups are an inherent part of travel – you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are in good hands. 

All that’s left to do is relax, remain present, and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I know when we say ‘we couldn’t have done it without the Alpaca team’ it sounds like an exaggeration, but it truly isn’t! 

My husband and I could never have pulled off our destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with 85+ guests without Ashley and the entire Alpaca Your Bags team. Whether it was dealing with our nonstop questions (coming from myself, guests, family, etc.), helping to reschedule all our guests due to COVID, or even just answering quick texts while we were in Mexico, Ashley and the team helped make our experience as smooth as it could have ever been. 

– Rachel K. 

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