We’re Not Your Grandma's Travel Agency.

Award-Winning Travel Advisors For Destination Weddings + Celebrations

(but we make sure Grandma gets there safe and happy)

Despite it all, we still had a blast on our big day. 

When we began planning our wedding, we assumed that maybe 10-15 of our closest family and friends would join us. In the end, nearly 60 guests committed their time and money to witness our amazing Punta Cana celebration.

I loved greeting all our guests with fire dancers, watching my dad race down the resort waterslide with my co-workers, and renting out a catamaran for the whole party. 

I only wished I hadn’t been so stressed out and sleep-deprived leading up to it all. 

That’s exactly why I started Alpaca Your Bags Travel—to give couples and groups the effortless travel experience I wanted – from start to finish.

In 2015, the move from advertising executive to professional travel agent felt like a natural transition.

Over the last 15+ years, I’ve honed my inherent gift for project management to a rare expertise in the art of getting things done. I regularly work with high-level resort management in a way that allows me to plan custom minimal-stress travel experiences for the couples I serve. 

Because you really shouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own. We’re here to help. 


Hi, there! I’m Ashley, a former advertising-exec-turned-travel agent pro and founder of Alpaca Your Bags Travel.  

If you’ve never worked with a travel agent before, I hear ya. Same! 

I worked with a travel agent for the first time ever when I planned my own destination wedding. We were drawn to the easy, breezy experience of an all-inclusive destination wedding, and I (mistakenly) thought she would make things easier. 

Instead, I got a pile of frustration. I could tell you about slow responses, guest confusion, and their onslaught of questions…but the biggest problem? 

The whole process felt so… cookie-cutter

The proposal she sent me was clearly the same one she sent to everyone. Nothing we discussed in our planning call was reflected in the proposal! Had she even been listening? 

I felt like just another cog in some big wheel that had nothing to do with my wedding. 

“Ashley was outstanding with her advice, response time, and just ability to calm my nerves."

She was the first to address concerns (and there were a ton because of the pandemic.) She took great care of my parents who barely know how to use their phones, much less fill out international documents. We said a thousand times we’re so glad we hired her.”

– Christine o.

Once a client, forever a friend. 

Fun fact: More often than not, our clients become our lifelong friends. 

At Alpaca Your Bags Travel, our name is silly—but our service sure isn’t. 

We work incredibly hard for every client we serve, and we have a great time while doing it. With us, you can expect timely replies to all your Qs, concierge-style service for your special requests, and a truly personal approach. 

To do that, we’ll kick things off with a complimentary planning call where we get down-n-dirty with the details, dishing about things like your dream destinations, your unique-to-you style, and the kind of memories you most want to make with your guests.

Because we believe you deserve a celebration that is anything but cookie-cutter.


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