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Vacation in a Glass: Thirsty Thursday Dark & Stormy


This is one of my favorites because it doesn’t require a blender!

The Dark & Stormy is a classic!  I love it because it instantly feels like “Mmm, vacation!” YET it doesn’t require a blender or any special equipment.  The trick is to use real GINGER BEER.  Note: ginger beer is not alcoholic! Think of it like root beer, only made with ginger and not, um, roots.  Because that’s what root beer is made of right?

BARRITT’S s the best ginger beer brand. It’s from Bermuda so you might have to search for it, but it’s worth it. Any brand will do, but make sure it’s ginger BEER and not ginger ALE.

Gosling’s Black Seal (also from Bermuda) is the best spiced rum for this cocktail. 

Side note: My mom just figured out that ginger beer is non-alcoholic. Seriously, it happened last year. Sigh.

Here’s the recipe from our friends at Esquire:


  • 2 oz. dark rum
  • 3 oz. ginger beer
  • 1/2 lime juice
  • Collins glass


  1. Combine the rum, the ginger beer and the lime juice, which is optional, in a tall glass full of ice cubes.
  2. Stir.
  3. Enjoy

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