What should you do when? Get the destination wedding checklist

Cruise Month: 10 Things You Should Know Before Going on a Cruise

When I first became a travel agent, I knew I would eventually dedicate part of my business to group travel. While I love solo trips […]

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5 Things A Travel Agent Learned at Her Own Destination Wedding

Last December, I wrote a post called “Three Big Signs a Destination Wedding is Right For You.” Now that I’ve had my own destination wedding, […]

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Thirsty Thursday: The Bushwacker

And we’re back! This week’s fantastic vacation drink is the Bushwacker This is an all time favorite for both Matt and me.  It’s a great drink […]

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Thirsty Thursday: The Miami Vice!

How many times have you been on vacation, stood at the bar and thought “I have no idea what to drink?”This is an affliction that affects many, […]

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I Am Going to Cuba!

Apologies for the less than graceful opening to this post, but there is some Level 10 Excitement happening today. Cuba has been at the top […]

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Alpaca Your Bags on The Huffington Post!

Remember that time it was me and Rick Steves on the front page of Huffington Post Travel?  Check it out!​It’s 2016 and I Just Became […]

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How I Budget For Travel: 5 Tips to Save Your Dollars and See The World!

 Whoa, how fast did 2015 go? I feel like it FLEW by. Here’s to another awesome year filled with smiles, sightseeing and spending time with […]

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Top 10 List: Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Traveler

​I’ll admit it: It’s mid-December and I haven’t started holiday shopping. Yikes.I hate being a procrastinator, but I graciously ask for a tiny break; working a […]

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It’s 2015 and I Just Became A Travel Agent. Here’s Why.

I’ve written similar posts before, but it’s a question I get a lot.   Imagine the setting:  I’m living in New York City, happily employed […]

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Three Big Signs a Destination Wedding is Right For You

When my fiancé Matt and I got engaged, we debated many options for our wedding: Did we want a big, traditional church wedding?A small, quirky […]

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Destination Wedding Travel Agent

Ashley Morris is a former NYC ad exec turned travel advisor and owner of Alpaca Your Bags Travel.

Alpaca Your Bags Travel is an award winning boutique travel agency specializing in destination weddings, honeymoons & group travel.

A lover of puns, chilaquiles and a good packing cube, Ashley lives with her husband Matt and their ever growing menagerie in the Kansas City, MO area. The current animal count is two dogs (Charlie & Sally) and two cats (Mork & Mindy), though Ashley is lobbying for a goat.

Ashley is a prolific Instagram poster. Follow her at @alpacabagstravel

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