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UNICO Riviera Maya: Reinventing The Definition of “All Inclusive”

Listen up, Linda! (Does everyone remember this adorable boy from Ellen??)
I’ve got something awesome to tell you.

If you follow us on Facebook or perhaps know me in real life, you’ve probably heard me babble on about UNICO, the newest resort offering in Mexico. 

Is your head nodding yes?  

​I’ve basically been a broken record about UNICO since it was announced two years ago. Last summer, I was even lucky enough to visit Cancun as the construction was finalized.

Similar to what Sandals did with luxury, UNICO is reinventing the entire concept of what it means to be “all inclusive”.  This adults only property is going to be the top of every travel magazine’s list in 2017 and 2018.  In fact, it’s already starting to appear in some “best new destinations” lists.

Remember how Netflix changed the video rental industry?  
How UBER changed the transportation industry?
UNICO is in a similar vein, and I’m not even kidding.

Here’s a bit more about what makes UNICO so special:

  • 90% Ocean View Rooms… included (with no upgrade charge!)
  • Premium, artisinal cocktails:  Included
  • Chef-created, unique and gourmet food:  Yep, it’s included
  • Private butler service (here it’s called Anfitrión, and yes, it’s included)
  • Golf?  You got it.
  • Select spa treatments?  Check, we’ve got it covered*
  • Select excursions and local tours?  It’s on the house!*
  • Select beauty salon treatments.  INCLUDED (yes, really!)*

*Obligatory asterisk to tell you that some spa and excursion options do have a 20% service fee. However, once you see what the options are, I think you’ll agree that a 20% gratuity is a great value.

Another thing I love about UNICO:  As a property, they stress local, artisan, handmade and authentic. Food is locally grown, drinks are prepared with local  brands, even the decor is hand crafted by local people (and you can shop it!)

This is a property that I am simply dying to book for you. Ever since it opened in March, they have been offering amazing grand opening rates that will end at the end of 2017.

The rates for 2017 are frankly absurd.
For example, right now you can save $1,000 PER PERSON on a stay for two.  

You know you’re always asking me “Where can I get a great deal?”
THIS is that deal.  And it won’t last forever.  
Our sales team at UNICO has already warned us that rates are likely to DOUBLE in 2018.

Want in on this amazing piece of luxury?
NOW is the time.  

Message me and let’s get started… we also have some exclusive bonuses that you can only get from Alpaca Your Bags Travel! !

Sample included excursions:

  • Mystical Cenote Tour
  • Sunset Sail with Vino
  • Mayan Village & Tankah Cenote

Ashley Morris

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